Shared Plans

In these packs you are getting maximum speed, extra resources, and advanced features

Why Choose Us?

The aim of the Bangladeshi Hosting Provider HostEver is to provide impeccable customer service and treating customers as a partner of the company. We have expert and talent technicians to serve you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including all holidays. Contact us via phone, live chat, email or support ticket; if you are not in computer. We are providing hosting service from all best datacenter’s server which are professionally built using quality components and can be customized to meet every customer’s unique requirements. We suggest packs understanding customer’s requirements and budget. Our packs are with security features, data backups, useful tools and lots of free addons.

Tarbo Fast Speed

We help build your eCommerce, Blog, a Business website with Especially during high traffic events when your server is under heavy load.

WordPress Optimized

Optimized WordPress (OWP) is a new hosting platform that's we specifically built for an optimized & managed WP environment with LightSpeed WEB SERVER.

99.9% Server Uptime

All of our servers have 100% uptime though we ensure 99.9% to our clients.

Data Security

We protected your data by exploit scanner, firewall & anti-DDoS & enjoy extra level security with cloud linux OS and get Get dedicated hosting resource.

Daily Backup

You are 100% tension free with our Daily Backup facility. We store your data until 7 days, so you can restore your data in the week from you lost.

Offsite Backup

We server generate an offsite backup daily and stored 5 days for disaster recovery and extra level backup facility.

Money Back Guarantee

We provide service very well but unfortunately if you are not satisfied with our service Cancel within 30 days.

Friendly 365/7 Support

We provide free 365/7 Customer support via Email, Support ticket, Live Chat also instantly phone call support.

Spam Guard

You don't have to worry about spam emails anymore, with affordable enterprise anti-spam solution that erases all the worries (spam) from your inbox.

Transferring From Another Hosting?

Our dedicated Migrations Team is standing by to transfer your existing content from your prior host and configure it to perform optimally on our platform. We can also transfer domain registrations from other registrars in order to provide you complete management of your entire online portfolio all in one place!

Powerful Features for Every Hosting Plan!

    Multi PHP Versions

    cPanel Powered

    Auto Script Installer

    Cloudflare CDN

    Unlimited SSL Cert's

    Tarbo Speed Boost

    365/7 Live Support

    Cloudlinux OS

    100% SSD Servers

    DDOS/Hack Protection

    LiteSpeed WebServer

Looking For More?

Shared hosting is not enough for your project? Need something better than these? Or, need something more powerful? Then, check here:

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Validation Purposes

BDIX hosting is specially optimized for Bangladeshi users. For Bangladeshi users, this hosting is almost 200x faster than other hosting and users can perfectly visit the hosted even with slow internet speed.

All the data centers of BDIX hosting are in Bangladesh. Most of the Bangladeshi newspaper sites, eCommerce sites, and other corporate sites are using BDIX hosting for performance.

Yes, foreign users also can visit BDIX sites. BDIX hosting are also have same privileges as other hosting. The difference is it provide special facility for Bangladeshi users. Many Bangladeshi ISP provide special bandwidth for Facebook, YouTube and Google for their users. Similarly, they provide special bandwidth for BDIX sites. So, Bangladeshi users can visit BDIX sites perfectly even if their internet connection is slow. Also, is it 200X faster than other hosting for Bangladeshi users.
There is a very easy solution to the issue. We have created an automated upgrade system to higher packs via the customer portal for you. To do it, login to your customer portal, navigate to your service which you want to upgrade, click on upgrade/downgrade button, select a higher pack and create order. An upgrade order will be created and the necessary invoice will be generated. The upgrade will proceed shortly once you have paid the invoice.

Yes. Dedicated IP is available with available with BDIX hosting pack. But it will charge additional Tk150 per month for a dedicated IP and will be billed annually. After taking a dedicated IP, you can reach to your site with http://your_ip_address instead of

For example, you can reach to HostEver site by visiting its dedicated IP Mainly, a dedicated IP is bit important for eCommerce sites.

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